What They Said

Look Back in Anger: the Miners’ Strike in Nottinghamshire – 30 Years On was published by Five Leaves Publications on March 1st 2014. Here’s what they said…
“The miners’ strike is still the subject of relentless myth-making and cartoonish propaganda. Harry Paterson’s moving and readable account, from the sharp end in Nottinghamshire, strips away layers of distortion and misrepresentation to tell the real story of the confrontation that shaped Britain today.”
– Seumas Milne, The Guardian

“Paterson’s description of the state’s determination to crush the NUM and the mining industry makes for a breathtaking read. Highly recommended.”                                              – Sue Turner, Morning Star

“… the first major book to argue the rightness of the NUM cause.”
Nottingham Post

“… He’s an incredible writer… every word was gold.”
James K Walker, Left Lion

“Every striking miner should have a copy of the book in their house to tell your children and grandchildren what you did. This is your story. Absolutely brilliant ”                                 – Henry Richardson, former Nottinghamshire Area NUM General Secretary

“… the best book on the strike since Seamus Milne’s The Enemy Within.”                               – David Bell, author of The Dirty Thirty: Heroes of the Miners’ Strike.

“Paterson lays bare the political manoeuvring and dirty tricks that eased the UDM into being in a series of revelations as gripping as any thriller.”
Neil Fullwood

“… socialist history writing at its best… the definitive overview. In his hands, the period, the class struggle comes alive.  Look Back In Anger is indispensable.”
– Dr. Phil Burton-Cartledge, All That is Solid

“… this book is a must read. Highly recommended.”
– Tom Sibley, Socialist History Society

“Left wing bile. Don’t bother.”
– Rebecca Pilbeam, a delighted Amazon.co.uk customer

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