Harry Paterson is an author and freelance writer based in the UK.

He has contributed articles on music, politics, poetry, popular culture and current affairs to many publications, both in print and online; including Classic Rock Magazine, Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine, Bass Guitar Magazine, The Morning Star and Sabotage Times.

He is the author of Look Back in Anger; The Miners’ Strike in Nottingham – 30 Years On and Making Plans for Nigel: a Beginner’s Guide to Farage and UKIP.  Both published by Five Leaves Publications and available to order online here.

He also works as a research assistant for renowned author, journalist and broadcaster Mick Wall, most recently on two of the acclaimed writer’s biggest titles; AC/DC: Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be and Black Sabbath: Symptom of the Universe.

4 replies on “About”

My deepest sympathy to you on your loss,Mr Paterson.
Your article is so powerful and should be required reading.
Love Island and I’m a Celebrity are the substitute for too many.


My Condolences from America. This post is radiography of our ailments, the dramatic consequences of our inept leadership. Here 10.000 people have died from a “Democratic Hoax” as our Orange Gutan, Donal Trump called it a little bit more than a month ago. Awful times indeed.


Mr. Paterson – my condolences to you and a deep heartful THANK YOU for your ability, in these times of grief for you and our Loved ones… and not only for Them…. to pinpoint the root of the problem. SvH


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