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Churchill: Bastard

This week saw the 50th anniversary of Churchill’s funeral. An opportunity like this to ram home ruling class propaganda, via one of the Brit establishment’s most revered totems, was never going to be passed up. Especially with those uppity Greeks … Continue reading

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Mozart is reputed to have considered rhythm to be the most important element in music. One might wonder if the idiosyncratic, mercurial genius that was the late Glenn Gould would have agreed. What prompted this train of thought was an … Continue reading

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Henrik Larsson: King of Kings

Despite my unshakeable life-long devotion to the cause of Alloa Athletic I’ve always had a large soft spot for Celtic. Definitely my second team (with Hibs being the third). In all the years I’ve watched The Bhoys there hasn’t been … Continue reading

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2014: Part 2

New year, new start eh? Well, no; not really. 2015 has rolled over pretty much from where 2014 left off. 2014, Part 2 you might say.Which is to say deadlines, deadlines and assorted stresses and strains. Plus ça change and all that. … Continue reading

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Favourite Books of 2014

I’d like to resist end-of-year best of lists but it’s a regular feature of the writing gig. I did, though, quite enjoy putting this one together for my publisher, Five Leaves, for their New Year newsletter. They didn’t necessarily want … Continue reading

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