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Never Again

You parade those poppies with unthinking zeal, Knowing nothing of how we feel. We, the unseen and now untouched, Who bought their lies and paid so much. We, the dead, are always here And we awake this time every year. … Continue reading

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All That is Solid

All That is Solid is one of the left’s most widely-read blogs. It’s the baby of Phil Burton-Cartledge, former aid to Stoke-on-Trent Central MP Tristram Hunt. As well as managing the aforementioned blog, the good Doctor also lectures at Derby University. … Continue reading

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Way Beyond (The Sea)

Nursing home piss and jerking knees Retired colonels feeling pleased Johnny Foreigner just got told Essex masses’ fool’s gold Flocking, flooding over ‘ere Send the message loud and clear Carswell’s smug he just won Him wot won it not The … Continue reading

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A Love Supreme: Alloa Athletic and Me

There was never a time in my life when I decided to support Alloa Athletic. It certainly wasn’t a matter of familial tradition, given my auld man loathed ‘fitbaw’ and all my uncles – all of them – are Huns (don’t … Continue reading

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