Turkish Delight

Stopped at a nearby garage/convenience store this morning.

At the counter two customers – 50ish white men, complete with beer guts and crap tattoos – discuss the recent events in Tunisia.  Lots of hang them-shoot them-flog them-bomb-the-bastards rhetoric.

Meanwhile the Turkish proprietor keeps an admirably blank and neutral face.

I pay for my petrol and as I turn to leave one of them says to the other: “I’d never go on holiday to a fucking shitty Muslim country anyway. You never know what’s gonna kick off!”

Well, you know me; I do my best but I’m weak. I can’t help myself. So…

…I chip in with “Damn right, pal. Me neither”

He responds eagerly. “Yeah? Nice one, mate!”

“Absolutely,” I continue. “Who wants to spend their holiday worrying about the Yanks bombing the shit out of you and your kids? Mind you, if all your kind have a similar view, at least I’d be guaranteed a bigot-free holiday zone so you know; swings and roundabouts, eh?”


As I leave I catch the faintest trace of a smirk on the proprietor’s face.