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Win £100.00 with Harry’s Muslim Easter Challenge


Of course this didn’t happen. At all. In any way. Anywhere. Ever. The Daily Star and Jean Gardner are liars. Aye, Jean; I’m talking to you, mrs. This is nothing more than fevered conjecture, rumour, lies and the sadly now-traditional Muslim-baiting urban myth.

Apart from anything else, if Jean, the ignorant bigot, actually knew anything at all about Islam then she’d know that Jesus – peace be upon him, as our Muslim brothers and sisters would say – is revered as an important prophet. Given that, it’s hard to see any Muslim mortally offended by a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

But I tell you what; I’ll make it easy for you racist quarter-wits to earn yourselves an easy oner. Just think; a free ton for more Stella or those chunky easy-to-hold crayons. Or, in Jean’s case, the cash would clearly be better spent taking some lessons on how to use the internet, given that a thirty-second search via Google was all it took to completely disprove these lies.

I’ll give a £100.00 to the first person that provides documented, verifiable proof of any bodies or organisations – not just Cadbury’s – banning anything Easter-related because any Muslim, or indeed any human being at all,  anywhere in the UK, ever complained.

If anyone actually does chance their arm (and I’m expecting at least 130,000 applicants from the stupid idiots who ‘liked’ and/or ‘shared’ Jean’s gibbering nonsense, with Jean herself leading the pack) and once I’ve debunked your rubbish and left your laughable claim in tatters, then you make just a £25.00 donation on my behalf to theNewcastle Islamic Diversity Centre.

On a final note, Muslims aren’t complaining about anything; they aren’t picketing or rioting. The poor sods are just trying to struggle through lives blighted by hatred, Islamophbia and bigotry. Whipped up by a disgusting racist media and fuelled by idiots and scum gleefully buying into it and giving lies legs and unfounded rumours impetus.

In the same way that Daesh/Isis are trying to turn Europe against Muslims to generate more embittered recruits for their cause, so too are our press and its brain-dead readers and believers like Jean Gardner. They are aiding the very cause they claim to so virulently oppose. In the wake of the Brussels tragedy and the resulting Islamophobic backlash, this sort of cynical and callous stirring is even more disgusting than it usually is.

Anyway, off you go; the cash is waiting.