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Win £100.00 With H’s Christmas Muslim Challenge

Of course this didn’t happen. At all. In any way. Anywhere. Ever. Darren Slater is a liar. Aye, I’m talking to you, son. Being charitable, this is nothing more than fevered conjecture, rumour, lies and the sadly now-traditional Muslim-baiting Christmas … Continue reading

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Nick Cohen and Corbyn’s ‘New Politics’

Mozart’s inarguable genius often obscures the fact that he was also a debt-ridden hack; a jobbing muso who took on many commissions simply for the money. To that end, like many of the great composers, he was a skilled re-cycler … Continue reading

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Bomber Benn and Corbyn’s Anti-War Bullies

I tweeted Hilary Benn, following the Commons debate on Wednesday. The tweet read: Let’s plug your auld man’s corpse into the National Grid. It’s now spinning so fast we could power the nation. You in? @hilarybennmp As most British people … Continue reading

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War, Again: Labour’s Syrian Shame

So Corbyn bottled it. All the desperate spin and plaintive self-justification by his acolytes cannot obscure this simple truth. Their arguments are spurious and mendacious. At best. Even if the alleged strategy – to avoid a split in the party … Continue reading

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