Dear Katie

A lot of my friends believe you should be ignored. You, and the squalid lying rag for which you ‘write’, exist only to perpetuate yourselves and the hate-filled bile you, collectively, insist on vomiting upon the rest of us.

I have, hitherto, agreed. I don’t follow you on Twitter, I certainly don’t read the demented ravings you excrete on a depressingly regular basis and ignoring you has been a pleasure.

That changed, however, when a friend forcefully insisted I read your disgusting, breathtakingly-callous, assault on those fleeing for their lives and who ended up drowning in the Mediterranean scant days ago.

To refresh your memory you wrote: “Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad. I still don’t care.”

Well, look at this. Here’s a little girl floating in the water. She is, or rather was, a human little girlbeing. This pitiful wee scrap of humanity had probably been sustained on her terrifying journey by tales of the exciting new life that awaited her. As someone remarked on my Facebook feed, maybe she’s wearing her best dress. Her pretty outfit broken out just for special occasions. Only she never imagined that that occasion would be a water-logged funeral. Not just alone and terrified but actively hated, despised and loathed. By you.

When I look at this photograph all I can see is my beautiful granddaughter and it breaks me. Every fucking time. Imagining her there; dead, floating, alone. This little girl has haunted me from the second I saw this image. I doubt it will ever leave me. I wanted to stop what I was doing and rush to my granddaughter’s side and hug her and never let her go. I cried. More than once.

Anyone with any empathy at all will have had similar feelings. It’s the sort of thing we humans experience frequently. You, on the other hand, are the repugnant cesspit where humanity goes to die.

I’ve heard others say they wish violence upon you. I know that you’ve been reported to the police and others are howling for you to be sacked. What I’d like to do, however, is sit down with your children and read them your article and show them this photograph. And then I’d like to sit and watch you explain to them how you could write such things. But I couldn’t, really. I couldn’t inflict wanton cruelty on children. Unlike you. To sneer, to gloat, to glory in the deaths of children is an act in which only the sickest, most depraved and despicable could indulge.

And there, I suppose, is the real irony of your wretched existence. Your continuing survival partly depends upon the rest of us having the sort of decency and humanity you so evidently lack. And also, to be honest, because dealing with you as you deserve is illegal.

I truly pity your children. They don’t deserve you. No one deserves you. And one day, when you see the detestation and contempt in their eyes, when they look at you as though you’re something they’ve picked up on their shoes – and trust me; it will happen – it’ll still be more than you deserve. In the meantime, let’s hope none of your children ever end their days in terror, pain and suffering because that would be Karmic justice of the most dreadful kind, wouldn’t it?

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75 Responses to Dear Katie

  1. ….those who advised you to ignore KH were, in my opinion, right. The woman has brain damage, she is severly epileptic due to some sort of malfunction of the front part of her brain. I try not to watch, read or listen to her and if I do I just remind myself it is the incoherent ramblings of a damaged brain and those in the media who give her a platform are exploiting not only her and her disability but also the under educated who are incited by her bile. No one can argue with or humiliate or defeat someone who is damaged and deluded, its pointless, pity her.


  2. Today I read an article by Robert Fisk on how the mass mourning over Prince ignores the 500 African refugees who drowned on the same day in the Mediterranean. It wasn’t the article that interested me so much, it was the comments by readers – including statements such as “I do not cry over illegal immigrants” and “they were invaders”. Invaders! This sort of attitude sometimes makes me think groups like al Qaeda have some justification for their actions against the west.Imagine the staggering hypocrisy that involves destroying Libya and Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia, and then blame the people there for trying to run away.


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  4. mark Sutton says:

    I hope you get cancer Hopkins and die the slowest painful death while watching your children cry knowing there is nothing they can do to save you. How the fuck can any human being be so cruel to write and say the stuff you do. My cmebts were a shock tactic to show you just how evil it is to write such evil heinous articles. And you get paid for it.
    One day you will be judged and have to answer to a higher power. One that even you will not be able falter with wicked sick words . I wish to god someone would end your time on this earth.and that your children are watching when it happens. Them and maybe then will you understand pure honest emotion and see the pain you’ve caused others for so long with your vile vile words. You remind me of hitler – Ian Brady – and Ian Huntley all rolled into one YOU NASTY VILE FAT UGLY CUNT IF A WOMAN


  5. sarah69 says:

    I wouldn’t even mention the vile creatures name shes loving all this attention. shes still getting the celebrity status she’s craved for all her life whether it be good or bad feedback she’s loving every minute of it .one word describes her and that’s scum .


  6. Mark Mc Mullan says:

    I just think she is Mentally ill but then there are so many in government right now with the same views that are making this policy . She is just a mouthpiece verbalising their policy’s .


    • She is not mentally ill she has a personality disorder it’s called narcissism google the word you will find she ticks every box evil personified god help her offspring if they have inherited her genes. There are many narcissists among us and Hopkins will eventually dig her own grave!!!!!


  7. All very well, and I expect you all feel better for feeling bad about the tragic loss of life, and for laying into Katie Hopkins. But, in the end, what are you going to do about the migrant problem?

    There are half a million on their way across the desert as we speak, and they will be queuing to get on the boats provided by greedy bastards who want money and feel no guilt.

    What. Is. Your. Answer. To. That?

    Other than letting us all know you’re really nice people and really don’t like that nasty Katie.


    • ‘migrant problem’? Firstly, these people are refugees. Human beings like anyone else.
      Personally, I think it’s quite simple, really. When we bomb the shit out of, say, Libya, displace thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, destroy their homes, murder their families and send them fleeing in terror from the militias we enabled, then we rescue them, save their lives and take them in. We have a moral and humanitarian obligation. To use an old phrase, ‘if you break it, you own it.’
      Or, alternatively, we let them drown. Which do you prefer?

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      • Paul says:

        We need to sort their countries to prevent a mass exodus to Europe otherwise this will never end , their main priority will be ……. Get to Britain . Sorry everyone but how many more people can we keep on taking. There’s only so many jobs , the Nhs is struggling big time and it will only end up the working people supporting all these foreigner through taxes etc.
        I’ll repeat it we need to sort out their countries …. Vast majority are moving because wars and problems in their countries are down to MUSLIMS.


      • Nothing is, as you put it Harry, simple.

        The picture you draw is as billed – sheer bloody-minded intransigence, but based on little understanding. We have made mistakes, no question. But we are not to blame for the monsters who ran/run Libya, Iraq, Syria etc.

        Libya wanted our help, begged for it, and people like you (maybe not you specifically, but people like you) were saying that we must do something. So we did. And the Libyans themselves showed what they thought of Gaddafi.

        We are not responsible for Isis. These are bad people doing bad things for bad reasons. When we help, we are damned. When we don’t, we are damned.

        The point of withdrawing the patrols from the Mediterranean between Tripoli and Italy was in the hope of discouraging boat people. The patrols being there was certainly encouraging them that they would be rescued. But stopping the patrols didn’t work.

        So now what, Harry? What’s your solution. According to your principle, we can’t just barge into Libya and evacuate half a million refugees. And you would be right. We can’t.

        Attacking Katie Hopkins is a vacuous excuse for the impotence you feel that there is, really, no answer.

        If you break it you own it! Really. Can you not do better with your brain and your logic?


      • Again, so many baseless assumptions.

        “Libya wanted our help, begged for it, and people like you (maybe not you specifically, but people like you) were saying that we must do something. So we did. And the Libyans themselves showed what they thought of Gaddafi.”

        No, they didn’t! And absolutely no; I did not!

        “Attacking Katie Hopkins is a vacuous excuse for the impotence you feel that there is, really, no answer.”

        Yes, there is, as I outlined earlier. If we destabilise a nation then we, and others who did likewise, take in and provide for its refugees. Why do you struggle to handle such a simple concept?

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    • What is your answer ??? I don’t have one but it makes me feel better that someone has at least addressed this horrible woman s terrible opinions! There’s so much bad in the world but do we really need to know callous comments from this woman. That is what this post was addressing – not saying they have answers to the worlds problems!!


      • Well, Susan, I’m glad that having a crack at Katie Hopkins makes you feel better. This post was, as you say, addressing KH’s crassness. And what I’m saying is, she doesn’t make any difference, and neither does your outrage. Freedom of speech includes the freedom to offend. So go ahead, be offended. It won’t save one person from drowning, and it won’t provide a solution to the problem. Because there isn’t a solution. Venting your anger against KH is just a display of impotence.


    • moureen says:

      Maybe stop interferring in other countries politics, leaving them without a government to keep things running. Its all very well talking about immigrants but we create most of the circumstances which cause these people to flee violence. We destroy but not stabilise the oppressing govt without helping them to rebuild their country leaving them to the mercy of any fanatics wanting to take control . Britain has to take some responsibility for this!


      • So Britain is responsible for Isis, is it? And the Muslim Brotherhood? Really? Are we? Do explain how. In any event, I’m not talking about immigrants. I don’t have a problem with immigrants. I have a problem with people ranting against KH because it makes them feel better about a problem they have no idea how to solve. Because, right now, it’s insoluble.


    • Joii says:

      There are 7.5million migrants in the uk and only 1.8million unemployed. EU migrants alone provide £20bn in taxes (after what they cost in NHS usage etc is taken off)- that’s enough to pay our eu membership and foreign aid budget combined. There is not a migrant problem. They are genuinely an asset.


      • This is not about migrants, Joii. It’s about refugees being trafficked and dying in the process of ‘escaping’ their countries. And people on here appear to think they can assuage their guilt by having a crack at Katie Hopkins. Which, really, in the scheme of things is laughable. Why are they feeling guilty in the first place? Could anyone on here have saved one of those lives? Half a million people trying to cross illegally in boats not fit for the purpose from Tripoli to Italy is a tragedy in the making, on a daily basis. And there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it, apart from declaring war, securing Libya and then running it as a European outpost. No? Don’t like that solution? Thought not. Neither do I. So what’s to be done then – other than moaning about Katie Bloody Hopkins?


      • You make a lot of, unfounded, assumptions. Why is colonising Libya the only solution? It isn’t. Those nations who played a part in destabilising a country should take in their displaced peoples. What is so difficult about that?


  8. Helen Smith says:

    I think Kate’s heartless,the poor family they didn’t deserve to lose their liz Life’s this.Kate you should be ashamed of yourself .


  9. Carole says:

    It may be that as it is a child on the photograph (I cried) will make more people take notice but all life is precious and the horror of what is happening should make everyone hang their heads in shame. The Sun is a rag, Kstie Hopkins is just whoring herself in print.


  10. Mary says:

    I think the child was wearing more than one outfit, they probably wore as much as they possibly could to save space . God bless her . Hopkins only has one talent and that’s making these shocking posts, sh thrives on seeing her name in print and if this is the only way then she will carry on. What goes around comes around, she will get her punishment from her maker.


  11. Lesley says:

    What is happening to the world that something as desperately tragic as the drowning of so many people, who have probably already endured more than we can imagine, can be dismissed so wickedly. This image will stay with me forever. I have 2 daughters who a love so much as I’m sure the mother of this child did. I don’t even want to discuss Hopkins…she is not worth my time…..although I think extreme pressure needs to be put on media groups to refrain from giving her a platform to spew her venom. Society seems to be losing compassion for the suffering of others. Yes we can raise millions for good causes after watching a few emotional clips on TV but isn’t it easy to donate ten or twenty pounds and then feel you’ve ‘done your bit’.? The thousands of refugees fleeing Syria, Libya, and many other countries being ripped apart by civil war, terrorist groups and ethnic cleansing are desperate to escape the horrors they have witnessed. Why can’t we reach out and help these people when we have so much? God help us if we ever find ourselves in their shoes.


  12. suzi quany says:



  13. Jacqui Pritchard says:

    I completely agree with this and also find Katie’s vile comments on the deaths of these people, abhorrent.
    I personally don’t agree with immigrants in such a large scale coming in to this country but never, ever, would I wish this fate on anyone , adults and children, alike.
    Kate Hopkins is an unadulterated bully with a ‘ Jeremy Kyle’ manipulative, controlling and cruel mentality.
    I was stunned by the extent of her ego when I saw her on Celebrity Big Brother and found it very ‘ telling’ that everything she accused others of doing and being, were mostly how she herself is.
    She has been made famous by the media for being cruel and hateful which for some sad people masquerades as entertainment but she has sunk to new depths of despicability with these comments.
    I can’t believe she actually means these things. How could another human being really mean the things she said.? She obviously thinks she is being clever and controversial but as the man said.. what if those were her children floating on the water?
    What do her children think of her comments? And what do they think about how she professes to feel about other human beings?
    How is she a responsible person to be bringing up children and influencing them with such thoughts and vile attitudes?
    If the media and the public treated her now as she deserves to be treated…. With the same dismissive attitude that she has used on so many of the victims of her insults, she wouldn’t have a platform to spout her venom from.
    It’s up to us all to strip her of her so called ‘fame’ and relegate her back to the depths of talentless anonymity where she belongs .


  14. J. J. Meeker says:

    This woman is truly repugnant in her views. How could any person with a beating heart feel anything other than shock and horror at the tragic loss of such young innocent lives? Surely any right thinking person would want to hold those children close, protect them and keep them safe from harm.


  15. paul from Liverpool says:

    What do you expect from a horrible bitch that has sold her sole to a rag like the sun? They belong together in hell being abused with hot poker’s for eternity. The people of Liverpool won’t buy the sun and it’s time the rest of the country followed us. No doubt they will print a half arsed apology just like they did over Hillsborough “the real truth” what a joke!


  16. Janet Hughes says:

    Lets see if the “lady” herself replies to you. Words once out there can never be taken back. Heaven only knows how she will justify them now. What needs to happen in her life that is soo bad that she sees how good her life is and to be glad of it and respectful to other’s who are not as lucky?


  17. suzilynnyee says:

    This is so incredibly sad….the photo, that is. Such a well written piece. How I wish that in the U.S. people would call for the firing of such hate-filled fear mongers. Our “Katie” is Ann Coulter and the venom that she spews is outright dangerous. Yes, I could hear her saying the same things as your Katie. smh

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  18. Emma says:

    What a beautifully written article…. I am disabled and today she launched a scathing attack on blue badge holders…. We teach our children not to bully… But every one of her vile comments is exactly that… How is she allowed to exist… If I had more time on my hands I would seriously campaign for her to be removed from every source of media possible…. People say to ignore her… How can you when her thwarted mind is shoved down your throat daily… A nasty piece of work x


  19. Cath K says:

    The only way to stop her is to boycott the papers she writes for and the programs she appears on. Starve her and those that encourage her of the oxygen of attention. When they start losing money because of her she’ll be dropped.


  20. karen frost says:

    A beautiful and extremely emotive well written piece, which is, I’m certain, the voice of a large majority of people in Great Britain. I wonder how many people support her views or (lack of) morals.


  21. Steve says:

    Can’t you all see this is what keeps her in the news and editors paying her to be in there news papers , if people stopped responding to her vile rants she eventually be dropped by the media


  22. Alison says:

    I too have tried to ignore the stupid, hurtful, attention seeking comments made my this sad, sad woman. I don’t read the ridiculous comic she writes for but am mortified that the rest of the world is now quoting her vile statements (UN reports in today’s news) and believes they reflect the attitude of our British population. What is that quotation about good men standing by and doing nothing? Perhaps it’s time to get rid of those media outlets – we cannot call them newspapers – that publish this vicious tripe in our name.


  23. Nicola-rose says:

    Tragic and sad beyond words…x 💖


  24. anna says:

    I honestly, for the life of me, cannot understand why our society tolerates this vile self-absorbed woman!… I agree with your 1st sentence to ignore her is absolutely the only option for me!. I hear bits and pieces about her and I REFUSE to be sucked in to her world!… great piece well written and if I were to try to write such an article I’m afraid my heart would fail through my raised blood pressure! Thank you.


  25. the woman is a psychopath vile to the core…


  26. It may be incomprehensible but if she said she didn’t care, she didn’t care, and though it angers and disgusts us, there’s no point in being angry with *her*. You wouldn’t be mad at a cancer patient, it’s almost in the same vein – she has a sickness. Sociopathy. The lack of empathy or conscience. Some humans just don’t have it, like a very slimy but successful lawyer, or a wealthy but cheating corporate CEO. That’s how they get to the top of their professions, they don’t care about anyone else. In fact, Freud offered that a person without a conscience, without empathy for others, may not fit the exacting description of what a human is. They may be hybrids. To be human means you absolutely must have empathy – if you don’t, it’s easier for you to hurt a fellow earthling because you “don’t care”. A *true* human can’t help but care, deeply.

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    • chumplady says:

      I completely agree. This woman must be a sociopath to write that crap. But I think even more chilling is that sociopathy and narcissism are media chic. Or click bait. There is, in the words of playwright Tony Kushner, a “psychotic individualism” that celebrates this “I got mine and f*ck the losers”. Oh, you’re a drowned migrant? You’re a loser. It’s okay to scoff at losers. To feel smug that you’re safe and legal and rich or WTFever.

      People like Katie have always existed. They haven’t always had giant accepted bully pulpits for their hate.

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    • I’m not sure she’s a sociopath (psychopath). I believe she will collapse at some point.

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      • Peter, some go on for years, perfectly disguised. Still I don’t think this is really about her, more’s the pity we don’t just act to help those we can than waste time, as I did as well, jumping on someone who seems useless. It’s the victims and their survivors that matter.


      • I didn’t propose colonising Libya. I was very specific that the suggestion was pointless. Rhetorical, if you like. Funny how people like you, Harry, attempt to muddy the waters by deliberately (or maybe not deliberately?) misunderstanding and/or misrepresenting people who don’t fit your world view. And you still haven’t told us what a practical solution might be. (As opposed to your pie in the sky ‘we have to give them a home’). You and Russell Brand, eh!? Posturing, grandstanding, sloganeering – but not really understanding the way things work.


      • “I didn’t propose colonising Libya. I was very specific that the suggestion was pointless. Rhetorical, if you like.”

        Er, I never suggested that you did.

        “…Funny how people like you, Harry, attempt to muddy the waters by deliberately (or maybe not deliberately?) misunderstanding and/or misrepresenting people who don’t fit your world view.”

        Eh? What on earth are you on about? Where have I done that?

        “.. And you still haven’t told us what a practical solution might be. (As opposed to your pie in the sky ‘we have to give them a home’).”

        Argghhhh! What can’t you grasp about this???? That is my solution! Give these people shelter, sanctuary and safety; homes!!

        “You and Russell Brand, eh!? Posturing, grandstanding, sloganeering – but not really understanding the way things work.”

        Watch your manners and keep it civil, pal. no need to be a snidey bastard.

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  27. kaijatee says:

    I saw the photo on someone’s feed in FB earlier this week. Could not find it, but ended up with this one on UNHCR page.


  28. WHy oh why is anyone taking this piece of trash seriously?? As “Val” said earlier IGNORE HER… she is getting off on all the comments, so please end it here and forget the scabby old bitch.

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  29. omar says:

    Please stop giving that woman so much damn attention, what is wrong with people. Either your unable to see that it’s exactly what she wants or you have fallen in love with hating her so much you can’t stop yourselves.

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  30. jjaanneett says:

    Reblogged this on Life's What You Make It and commented:
    Awesome piece of writing, and absolutely spot on.


  31. Jacqui Hughes says:

    A beautifully written piece and spot on! She has no conscience so this won’t ‘touch, her on any level. M truly ashamed to be counted in the same ‘human’ race as this woman. I’m with you on the ignoring; there is only so much that can be ignored. This latest shite from a media whore that puts her need to be noticed over her own loved ones is beyond ignoring.

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  32. Phil Cooper says:

    I have never hated anyone, but I do hate this loathsome woman, she has turned me to this… But I am also a believer that the more we talk about her the more loathsome she becomes, we need to starve her of all press, click bait and general coverage and this will deplete her. But we should not forget this tragedy and ensure that those involved are bought to justice and also try and remedy the situation that those poor people had to put themselves through this to try and find a better life…

    That photo is one we should never forget! Thanks for sharing…

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  33. kcustren says:

    Reblogged this on Consciousness Live on WordPress and commented:
    Thank you, Harry Patterson, for your words on behalf of mindful speech everywhere. ❤ ~ Blessings!

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  34. Harry
    I read your letter to Katie Hopkins and wanted to say thank you for such a well thought piece of writing. I agree wholeheartedly with all you said and like you cannot comprehend any human being who would wish harm on innocent people who are fleeing the worst possible circumstances in the hope of a new life in safety.

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  35. Adam King says:

    I agree 100%. Unfortunately every time we get so far into ignoring this ignoramus woman, she says something so vile and a high profile person, Mr. Paterson, makes a comment bringing her to the top of our hated list again.

    I do not listen to anything she has to say, read anything she throws onto a page nor do I give a damn. I personally feel that she has made too many despicable comments and is heartless and rude just to get the attention she gets. If everyone 100% ignored everything she does and says then she would fade back into the cesspit she crawled, into the limelight, from.

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  36. The person who provided the image, New York-based immigrants’ advocate, academic and activist, Che Brandes-Tuka, has an impeccable reputation and I would be very surprised indeed if he was involved in anything untoward. I’m assured this image is genuine and, in the absence of anything to suggest otherwise, that’s good enough for me.
    However, as one or two have already suggested, I don’t think it actually makes any difference, anyway. Over 500 of the 1700 (so far) who drowned, were children ranging from those just a few weeks old up to teenagers. Whether the image is genuine or not, and I believe it is, it it no way invalidates any of the points at hand.

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  37. Nigel McIvor says:

    I’m shocked that the article was even published. Knowing the outrage Katie stirred, only fuels her lust for such hateful depravity, humanity can be cruel enough without people like that women.

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  38. Sian says:

    She is one heartless person


  39. amanda says:

    this absoloutley broke my heart, but i truly truly beleive in karma, and the karma bus is a comin for this vile, sadistic, nasty minded person !!!!


  40. Julie says:

    Its such a shame because I know her parents and they are really nice people. What happened to their daughter???? They must be bitterly ashamed and disappointed.


  41. val rydzinski says:

    Katie Hopkins is managing to keep her name on the lips of the nation by always having something to say that shocks the rest of us WE SHOULD IGNORE HER however her comments sometimes work in making people aware of news they usually ignore,perhaps this is her goal ??????


  42. ron says:

    2015 – Nazi filth revisited


  43. Christine says:

    The blue of any sea should not carry the life of a child, the mind of any person should not wish to see it.

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  44. Jonathan Clough says:

    Can you validate the image – it’s very powerful and would lend weight to your argument if you could. Sorry to sound cynical but the internet is full of “borrowed” images.


    • Wendy says:

      It may be a borrowed image, but does it matter. Hundreds of men, women and children have been picked up out of the water over the past couple of weeks and I’m sure there will be far more sickening images to come out.

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    • trevor says:

      do you really think he (Harry Paterson) would “borrow” a image from the internet..


    • K Coull says:

      Surely you don’t need a photo of the atrocities that happened to know that children and adults alike died floating in the open water. Why does everything nowadays need to be verified by photos? You know this happened so why can’t you understand the point of this whole article is making without the photo being verified?

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  45. kate Thomson says:

    What a beautiful letter to a horrible heartless person. Can’t even bring myself to call her a woman. I don’t think it will shake her distorted discriminatory and disgusting views. With words written like that I’m sure many people will relate.


  46. claire says:

    So sad as a mum id be heartbroken if id lost a child and Kate is ridiculing her death, someone should start sack Kate she is being paid to upset people, IS do that by killing people, her hateful words create the same feelings


  47. heatherh1952 says:

    Thank you. This article is very balanced in the circumstances. I too find Katie Hopkins’ rants repugnant but I don’t wish violence on her any more than I would wish violence on anyone. However, I have often thought of her children and what it might be like for them to be influenced by her views. I pray for them. As I do all the other children and humanity suffering in this world.

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  48. heatherh1952 says:

    Thank you. This is a very balanced article, in the circumstances. I find Katie Hopkins’ comments repugnant but don’t wish violence on her any more than I do on anyone. But I often wonder what it’s like for her children to live with her. I pray for them.


  49. John clark says:

    Hopkins is a ve shell of a being filled with hatred. Hopefully when her days are over. She suffers the fate that befell Jacob Marley. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.


  50. Oh yes, Harry, it will happen.
    There will come a day when friends with names their mother doesn’t care for, will teach that woman’s children an important lesson or two. Her poisonous influence cannot taint them every hour of every day. She cannot contain them in a hate-filled media bubble forever.

    Something puzzles me though; the media keep calling her a journalist. Give her a camera and a microphone. And a boat. Show me some journalism, not petty insults paid by the word. She asked to be shown the tragedy, well, show her; send her to see for herself that which she mocks and insults and cover it for the nation. She’ll either crack at the reality of a human tragedy, or she’ll prove once and for all that she’s a bona fide socio-path and pose for a few selfies with the corpses … I wonder what Ricky Gervais would make of that?

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